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SafeDrive® 2 in 1 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera - DealsMart Online

SafeDrive® 2 in 1 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera

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2 in 1 Rear View Mirror with Dashboard Camera!

One mandatory accessory that every car owner should have is a dashboard camera. It provides the security and protection your car needs in times of an accident. All that safety doesn't go off without a catch though. Upon the installation of a traditional dashboard camera, your field of vision will be obstructed, also, your car interior will inevitably look cluttered and messy.

With The Dashsmart™ dashboard camera, you can break away from all those trade backs and limitations without setting safety aside!

The most simplistic, clutter-free, and effective dashboard camera solution available!

A worthy upgrade for those who are using a traditional dashboard camera, and simply the BEST choice for those who are planning to install one!


  • Zero Cluttering - Easy and clean installation! Be secured and save space without the usual dashboard camera mess. 
  • Bright IPS LCD Sreen - Equipped with a bright 4.3 inch IPS LCD technology that will ensure clarity in any viewing angles!
  • Stylish Look - Flaunt a simplistic, yet futuristic vibe with The Dashsmart ™
  • 1080p w/ HDR Video Recording Support - Capture every detail in FULL HD! Crystal clear video output that will surely provide concrete proof in times of accidents. 
  • Smart Processor - Equipped with the advanced Allwinner F23 chipset that will surely provide fast processing times and smooth navigation.
  • Dual "Clear Vision" Lenses - Armed with two wide angle lenses for both front and rear cameras for better coverage and blind spot protection.
  • Active Collision Sensors - Upon the moment of impact, The Dashsmart™ will overwrite old recordings and free up some memory to give priority to the current incident.
  • IP67 Certified Rear Cam -  Dustproof and Waterproof for top-notch durability and reliability.
  • Reverse Shift Rear Cam Display - Switches the display from the front camera to the rear during reverse

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4.3" LCD monitor
  • 1 x Rear Camera
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x Retail Box

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