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PetPal - Automatic Pet Feeder

$96.49 CAD
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PetPal - Automatic Pet Feeder

Do you come home extremely exhausted from work with no time to feed your pets? If that's the case, we have the thing just for you! 

As tired or busy you may be, this innovative pet feeder will be ready to assist you when it comes to feeding your favorite pet anytime you want, anywhere you are! It features a programmable 6 schedule setting that allows you to feed your pet without your supervision! Be in CONTROL!



PetPal - Automatic Pet Feeder Features:

  • Scheduled Feeding - This feeder supports up to set 6 different feeding time schedules allowing you to be in control of your pet's food supply without any supervision! This also improves your pet's eating habits!

  • Durable and Secure Lids - It flaunts secure latching lids that stays close until the programmed feeding time, keeping food fresh and safe inside the tray.

  • Voice Command Feature - The PetPal comes with a built-in Voice Recorder support 10 counts sound recording and can play message 3 times to fetch pets at feeding times.

  • LCD Display - It is equipped with an LCD display that presents a clock and low power warnings!

    Package includes:

    • 1 *PetPal - Automatic Pet Feeder

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