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MotorLock - Motorcycle Disk Alarm Lock

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MotorLock - Motorcycle Disk Alarm Lock

Over 32,000 Motorcycles were stolen last year! Don't let your bike add up to the statistic! Take action and protect your bike as early as today!

Protect your bike from thieves with this simple, yet practical motorcycle alarm lock. In addition to immobilizing your motorcycle while it's on idle or not attended to, it also packs a 112-decibel Alarm will automatically trigger upon detective heavy shocks and vibrations! 


MotorLock - Motorcycle Disk Alarm Lock Features:

  • A Surefire Locking System - Not only does the MotorLock keep your disc in place, but it also serves as an alarm which triggers when it detects rough contact! A must-have for all bike owners!

  • Small But Durable - Compared to most lock types, the MotorLock flaunts a sleek, small, yet almost indestructible frame made of heavy-duty alloy steel to keep your bike protected!

  • Wide Range Applications - The MotorLock disc brake lock fits for various vehicles with up to 6mm disc brakes: motorcycles, electromobile, bicycle, moto, scooters etc

How to Use:

  • Press the key cylinder to lock with a "beep" sound, and then it puts on alert in 10 seconds accompany with a vibration and three "beep" sound. 

  • If the lock is shocked, another shake after 5 seconds will cause alarm, and hereafter continuous vibration can bring continuous alarm. No shake occurs within 10 seconds after the alarm, it will be on alert again.

  • Battery Replacement: When replacing the battery, first unscrew the screws at the bottom of the lock, then remove the cover to replace the battery.


    Package includes:

    • 1 *MotorLock - Motorcycle Disk Alarm Lock
    • 2* Keys

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