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Magic Sushi - Instant Sushi Roller

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Magic Sushi - Instant Sushi Roller

Who says making sushi was so difficult?
Step up your cooking game with the Magic Sushi! Making sushi rolls has never been this easy! Make the entire process simple, easy, and incredibly fun! Not only can you use this innovative kitchen gadget for sushi, you can also turn
 whatever you want into a roll! Whether it's fish, meat or veggies! Perfect for parties, special occasions, a fun family activity! Kids would love making sushi with it. 

Magic Sushi - Instant Sushi Roller Features:

  • Perfect Sushi Every Day - Create the perfect sushi roll whenever you want in a breeze! This amazing kitchen gadget will turn the challenge of creating roll-based food into child's play! Enjoy a hassle-free sushi making experience!

  • Safe Food Grade Materials - The Magic Sushi is perfect for teaching your kids how to cook! This roller is made from Food Grade quality materials and doesn't feature any sharp sections making safe to use!

  • Easy Operation and Cleaning - This amazing sushi maker is detachable making it easy to clean hard to reach areas!  

How to Use:

Layer in ingredient - Start with a classic roll by laying in seaweed strips first, then rice. Or make rolls inside out with rice first, and then seaweed. Place filling (fruit, avocado, vegetables, fish, shrimp, etc

Curl anchor bar around and into holder - Set the bar into the slot in the middle of the roll. This will start your roll on one side!

Pull tab up and over - Grasp the pull tab and gently pull up and around the anchor bar to finish the roll. Give the rice a moment to stick and--Presto--a Perfect Sushi Roll!

Package includes:

  • 1x Magic Sushi - Instant Sushi Roller

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