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ElfinBook 2.0 - Endlessly Reusable Smart Notebook - DealsMart Online

ElfinBook 2.0 - Endlessly Reusable Smart Notebook

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ElfinBook 2.0 - Endlessly Reusable Smart Notebook

Meet the only notebook you'll ever need! Embrace the digital age without losing the timeless experience of traditional writing! The ElfinBook flaunts never before seen features you can't find elsewhere! Experience the perfect harmony of a CLASSIC pen and paper experience integrated with SMART features made to adapt today's digital age!

It may look like your traditional notebook, but once paired with the ElfinBook Smartphone app, this amazing notebook can SYNC to most cloud services including your Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Yandex, and more! It can also be reused ENDLESSLY when using a Pilot FriXion pen! Writing on the ElfinBook sticks to its pages like regular paper, but once you wipe it off with a damp cloth, the writings erase like MAGIC.


ElfinBook 2.0 - Endlessly Reusable Smart Notebook Features:

  • Smart Cloud Integration - Save your notes on the fly! Break boundaries and turn your best ideas into PDFs instantly! Blast your notes to cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex.Disk and so on!
  • Futuristic Features, Classic FeelHalf with ruled paper, Half with blank paper, the ElfinBook is ideal for both writing and drawing making it suitable for students and professionals alike!
  • Endlessly Usable - The ElfinBook is designed to easily renew its pages with just a simple swipe of a damp cloth. Once you've scanned and stored your pages in your preferred cloud, you can easily wipe the pages clean while your ideas remain secure in the cloud.

  • Organize, Collaborate, and Share with the ElfinBook APP - Maximize your ElfinBook's functionality by downloading the ElfinBook APP for both iPhone or Android Phones! Simply scan each page and turn your best work into crystal-clear digital copy stored in your preferred cloud!


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