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DriveStick - Electric Portable Screwdriver - DealsMart Online

DriveStick - Electric Portable Screwdriver

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DriveStick - Electric Portable Screwdriver

Efficient, Portable, and Effective!

Meet the DriveStick. A portable electric screwdriver equipped with the 6 common drive heads to suit all your needs! Powered by easily accessible AAA batteries (2pcs), this amazing tool can easily provide adequate levels of torque and speed! Say goodbye to carrying heavy loads of different screwdrivers all at once! This amazing gadget is the only handheld power tool you will ever need for your handicrafts and DIYs!

DriveStick - Electric Portable Screwdriver Features:

  • Small But Powerful - A powerhouse of portable hardware tools! This small, yet powerful tool can reach speeds of up to a whopping 102r/min! 

  • Light and Portable - This Handheld Electronic Screwdriver minimizes the load of carrying multiple heavy tools all at once. Be confident as you leave home without any other tools but the DriveStick in hand!

  • Sturdy and Durable - With functionality and durability in mind, the DriveStick is made from an aluminum chassis for an ever-reliable service!

  • Multiple Driver Heads - The DriveStick comes with multiple drive heads that comply with the majority of demand. PH000 PH1 SL1.5 SL3.0 T5 T6. 


    Technical Specs:

    Bits Size: PH000 PH1 SL1.5 SL3.0 T5 T6
    Material: Aluminum
    Color: Silver
    Battery Type: 2pcs AAA 1.5V batteries


    Package includes:

    • 1x DriveStick™ Handheld Electronic Screwdriver (Batteries NOT included)
    • 6x Bits (PH000 PH1 SL1.5 SL3.0 T5 T6), 1x Extension bar

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