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Broadlink RM Pro RM03 Smart Home System - DealsMart Online

Broadlink RM Pro RM03 Smart Home System

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Broadlink RM Pro RM03 Smart Home System

Turn your house into a SMART home in an INSTANT! The Broadlink RM Pro is a revolutionary device that makes use of WIFI to allow you to control all your remote control operated home appliances using your smartphone wherever you are. Optimize your home and avoid the dangers of accidentally leaving your appliances on as you leave home! An innovative core control device perfect for offices and smart homes!

Broadlink RM Pro RM03 Smart Home System Features:

  • Global Operation - Control your house appliances from anywhere! This device pairs up with your mobile device via e-Control app (For iOS and Android) and enables you to operate all of your remote controlled home appliances through the internet! Turn off your appliances while you're away at work, and switch on the TV to your favorite channel and start your home cooling system just in time before you even arrive home! *You must have an internet connection both at home and where you are.

  • Schedule Building Support- This device enables you to set operational schedules for your appliances. Automatically switch on or off your electronics on a schedule!

  • Wide Range of Appliances Support - Supports all forms of remote-controlled appliances. From TV sets, to air conditioning units, and even lamps and electric curtains, the Broadlink can act as a universal remote for all your appliances!

  • Fast Mobile Pairing - This device supports ultra-fast appliances pairing. Simply click on "add device" from the e-Control app, select which type of appliances you wish to have control of, and press the power "On/Off" on the remote of the selected device and you're all set! No technical skills needed!

  • Supports iOS and Android - This device can fully be operated by both Android and iOS devices using the e-Control app available via QR code or App Store/Play Store! 


    What is included:

    1x RM03 RM PRO  

    1x USB Cable

    1x Adapter

    1x English manual

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