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AlarmRug - Interactive Alarm Clock Rug Personal Music Wake-up - DealsMart Online

AlarmRug - Interactive Alarm Clock Rug Personal Music Wake-up

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AlarmRug - Interactive Alarm Clock Rug

Are you tired of constantly being late for work and appointments? Do you tend to sleep through multiple alarms on your phone on a daily basis? If so, then say no more! Here's the perfect solution for your sleep-related dilemma!

Meet the AlarmRug, a surefire alarm solution that will INSTANTLY wake you up and get you on your feet whenever the situation calls for it! This innovative alarm clock features pressure sensitive trigger design that can only be stopped when stood on! A practical, yet effective solution to battle deep slumber! Never be late on your important appointments and affairs again!


AlarmCarpet - Interactive Alarm Clock Rug Features:

  • Innovative and Practical - Start your day in-time with a positive vibe with the Alarm Rug! Packed with loudspeakers and state of the art sensors, this amazing alarm clock is programmed to sense your weight and pressure to stop its alarm! In other
    words, you have no other choice but to get on your feet and stand on it for it to stop!

  • Personalized Alarm - Use your favorite tunes as your alarm! Simply connect the AlarmRug via USB cable to your PC, drag your desired songs, and you're all set to wake up from a funky beat!

  • Soft and Comfortable - Start your mornings with a positive vibe with the AlarmRug! Made with soft high-quality materials that provides a skin-friendly feel, you'll surely be excited to turn off your next alarm!

Technical Specs:

Display Mode: Digital display using low-e cost LED Nixie tubes; 
Color: Creamy white; 
Size;40cmx 38cm(15inches)
Material: Flannelette, memory foam; 
Power: Three No.7 Batteries;(not included)
Speaker: Fidelity full range speaker; 
Pressure sensor: Double sided sliver-conducting film, double layer millisecond senor;


    Package includes:

    • 1 *AlarmRug - Interactive Alarm Clock Rug

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