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NeoGlobe - Educational 4D AR Globe

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NeoGlobe - Educational 4D AR Globe

The NEXT generation of learning is here! This Educational 4D globe is a fun way to nurture your child's mind interactively. Take away the boredom from learning and make it as fun as playtime! This educational medium makes use of your phone or tablet to produce 4D AR imagery! From historical figures and events to fun and cute animals, this globe has it all! You can make the projections move, talk, and even change! Eliminate boredom as you study and leave your kids wanting to learn more! 


NeoGlobe - Educational 4D AR Globe Features:

  • Interactive 4D AR Technology -  AR technology enables this globe to transform into a fully interactive 4D scale filled with educational facts and teachings! Spin them around, make them talk, and so much more! Aim your device's camera on each sections of the globe and watch as it comes to life!

  • Fun Learning Experience -  This 4D Globe is the best interactive learning medium available to date! Ideal for both home and school use! Never be bored of teaching and learning again!

  • Universally Compatibility - Simply scan the QR code on the back of the packaging to download the APP. Unlock the app by scanning the QR code located inside the box. 

Technical Specs:

Globe Ball Size: diameter 16.6cm ( small size)

Manual Language: Chinese (but easy to operate after you download the App )

Voice Language: English, Chinese

Text Language: English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, German

Phone system  requirements (at least): 

To iPhones : iOS 8.0+, 1G RAM,

To Android: Ver. 5.0 and up, 1G RAM 

Multiple Modes Available:

Mode 1: Country Model

Know about 170 countries and flag,Detail Location,Know customs.

Mode 2: Animal Model 

23 different animals and know about their habitat.

Mode 3: Building Mode

20 landmark buildings, and their location.

Mode 4: Dinosaur Mode

Know about different dinosaurs and their living environment.

Mode 5: Geological Mode

Show geographical climate, natural wonders.

Mode 6: Celestial Mode

Know about the solar system and the planets.

Mode 7: Game Mode

Protect the planet! 

    Package includes:

    • 1 *Package include : 1x Globe , 1 x instructions, 1x   Activation code  

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